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What is the anchor text in SEO and why does it bother?

SEO-optimized websites are a need of time nowadays.

SEO-friendly anchor text is one of the best SEO practices.

One of my friends created content on a travel blog, and he published it; and many days, he was waiting and at last asked me why my blog is not seen on google.

He didn’t know about SEO.

Having a website is not enough, but it should be SEO optimized to be ranked on google.

If you are a blogger,n you should know about SE, what is anchor text in SEO and how to optimize it?

Internet is like an ocean where you can get information from thousands of websites or much more han this for your query.

To stand out on google, you need to follow Google guidelines and SEO practices.

So do you want to be one to rank on google?

In this article, I will explain Anchor text in SEO, so let’s begin.Everything‚Äôs clear and polished.

What does Anchor Text mean?

Anchor text is one of the tags used in HTML.

It is a link to the text or image redirecting you to a targeted location.

It is a clickable link generally Blue in colour, but in your HTML code, you can change the colour of anchor text as per your choice.

What is Hyperlink and Anchor text?

A hyperlink is a link or targeted link, and anchor text is a text where the name is given to the link when a hyperlink is added.

When we click on it, the link redirects us to another page or website or any document whose address has been given.

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In this image, the blue coloured text is called hyperlink text or anchor text.

Importance of optimising Anchor text.

Nowadays, to rank a website on google, many malpractices were done by people generally know it as black hat SEO. 

Black Hat seo people generally do keyword stuffing or link spamming 

Keyword stuffing is a malpractice of SEO, where keywords are often used to get ranked on top.

Link spamming is also an unfair technique of SEO where low-quality links are purchased or built from a third party. 

These SEO practices result in a penguin penalty, making disranking the site a loss in revenue.

So to avoid this loss, you should build your website genuinely and follow the google algorithm to rank your website in google.

How to write anchor text in code?

a href=”“>This is a Anchor Text</a>

Where <a href= ““> is a targeted link and This is an Anchor Text</a> is an anchor text so when we click on this is an anchor text this will redirect us to the targeted link so basically, anchor texts are signals given to google as well as users. 

Let see another example where you open home page, and while reading the content, you get a hyperlink of another blog of mine, which redirects you to that blog.

Likewise, these anchor texts work. In an image, we give alt instead of anchor text.

How to create anchor text in SEO?

Now will see how to create anchor text; there are no hard and fast rules or limitations on anchor text length.

But the main thing is that Anchor text should be relevant to your content or page where you want to redirect it.

Seo friendly anchor text should be compact, not so lengthy and complex. Please keep it simple, compact and relevant to your targeted link.

Types of Anchor text in SEO

There are various types of anchor text we can create which are helpful or useless.

Exact match:

The name itself states the meaning, and the exact match anchor text is nothing but the exact match of keywords used for content.

For example, the best places to visit Ganpatipule is the title or keywords we targeted, and the best places to visit Ganpatipule is anchor text to say it as a mirror match.


In this type, you can match your anchor text partial like best places in and around Ganpatipule, where we cover some of the keywords from our targeted keywords.


Branded anchor text is a text where the company’s brand name is used for branding and states an authority. For example, ‘Moz’ links to Moz blogs.

The best practice of giving outbound backlinks in your content is to increase your content’s authority as they are brand so anyone can trust.

For example, If you provide an ahref link as an outbound link in your keyword related article, anyone can trust you as you know that ahref is a brand for keyword research.

Naked link

The name is funny, but it is a direct link to put your website link or source link. 

For example, if you put any image that does not belong to you, but you want to use it in your content as it is relevant to the content, you can give the image source and its website address or call it image credits. 

Even you can do it for any quotes.


These are primarily used in content when you want to take action by your readers, and we can call it a call to action.

If you are selling or giving any service and want your reader to take action, you can click here and provide a link to redirect your reader.

They are generally used in sales copy or on a landing page.


Images are one of the vital parts of your blog or content. 

The quality and eye-catchy images grab your reader’s attention and keep in and around your content. So image anchors help your readers to explore your website or content.

Mainly this kind of approach you can see in advertising with a call to action button that redirects you to a desirable location.

anchor text in seo, image in anchor text in seo, types of anchor text in seo
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An alt tag in an image works as anchor text, and Google read the alt tag for images.

If you don’t optimise the alt tag, Google considers it as No Text, which is not advisable.

Best SEO practices for Anchor text

Now you understand the importance of anchor text, how to create it and their types. Now how to use it when it comes to SEO?

SEO friendly anchor text is

  • Compact
  • Relevant to topic
  • Not keyword overloaded
  • Not generic

There is no control on anchor text how other sites use your site to link back, but you can use it correctly in your content, which increases your website’s authority.


 There is no hard and fast rule about the length of anchor text. But it is always good to keep as short anchor text.

Relevant to Topic

When we talk about relevance, then keep in mind that you should create an anchor text relevant to your topic unless your reader finds your content not helpful and will bounce back.

So relevant anchor text is essential.

Keyword Density(Not overloaded with Keywords)

Google is smart enough; keyword stuffing will result in the Penguin algorithm. If google finds many inbound links closely to keywords, it is found suspicious and results in a penalty.

So it is always advisable to use keywords and relevant anchor text where possible.

So here is all about anchor text.

Anchor text significantly impacts SEO, and it tells Google about your page or website.

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